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Tract A - What is it?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Tract A is a parcel of property south of SE 303rd Street owned in common by all the property owners in all four of the Flying Acres divisions.

Jerry Paterson on taxiway "H" contacted King County to learn more about Tract A and got a thorough response from Alex Perlman the county's Real Estate Services. Here is a summary of Mr. Perlman's response:

Who owns Tract A?

The property owners of Flying Acres Divisions #1 through #4.

Who pays the property taxes?

No taxes are paid. Tract A has no tax account.

What can the property be used for?

Per the Statutory Warranty Deed, the property is to be maintained as open area for recreational use by Flying Acres lot owners.

The full response can be found below. Note that a set of bylaws were included for the Flying Acres Civic Association. This was a social organization that existed prior to 1992 when Crest A.E.R.O., Inc., the predecessor to Flying Acres Homeowners Association, was formed. The bylaws are likely irrelevant as the civic association had no authority granted to it by the property owners.

Email Exchange between Jerry Patterson and King County

King County Recorded Documents for Tract A

----------------------------------- End -----------------------------------

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Andy Karmy
Andy Karmy
Apr 19, 2023

Thanks for posting the graphic to make it clear where Tract A is located.

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