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All current, past and future governance documents will eventually be available here.

The first set of documents are for the current Flying Acres Homeowners Association or FAHA as of January 23, 2023. FAHA was originally incorporated as Crest A.E.R.O., Inc.

Current Governance Documents

Flying Acres Homeowners Association Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State of Washington in 1995 to create FAHA.

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Agency Appointment

This is the document that grants FAHA authority through 2025 to act as lawful agent and attorney-in-fact to extend the Neslund easment through 2025.


Revised bylaws were approved by the membership on October 2, 2022. The new bylaws were created in anticipation of airport purchase per the 2010 Settlement and to align them with current Washington State law. Some provisions will not be implemented until after FAHA successfully purchases the airport.

Future Governance Documents

An Association Agreement is under development to grant FAHA the authority to purchase the airport as described in the 2010 settlement. Also under development is an Operating Agreement for an LLC to own the airport on behalf of FAHA.

Past Governance Documents


These bylaws were updated on Feb 13, 2011 after the 2010 settlement.

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