This section of the website is directed towards Flying Acres property owners. Each owner should be familiar with the walking path as shown on the Walking Path page. See governance documents here: Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Please acquaint yourself with other Homeowner pages for other relevant information. The rest of this page is about the FAHA Board and meeting minutes.

The Flying Acres Homeowners Association Board of Directors is established by the Corporate Bylaws.  It is composed of 9 members with designated officers of the corporation being the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Five board members are elected on odd years and four on even years. Nominations for election to the Board of Directors is made be a nominating committee and voted on at the annual meeting. General Powers of the Board and each officer are enumerated in the Corporate Bylaws. Board meetings are scheduled as needed and are open to all community members.

Homeowner Information

FAHA Board

Jeff Miller, President -- Elected 2012        (253)639-1915

I moved to Crest in 1996 (17621 SE 299th Pl, Taxiway I) with the intent of getting back involved with general aviation. A house remodel then a build out with an improved hangar and a partnership in a C-172 has gotten me flying. My wife Ellie and I have two boys both in high school and now with extra-curricular activities and soccer we are quite busy. Crest is home to me. I have always enjoyed the community of people and pilots. I cannot imagine living anywhere else and I still expect to get my homebuilt completed! I retired from Delta Airlines summer of 2016. I currently serve on the board as your president and look forward to continuing with the board. Our future is the ownership of our airport. It is a clear and bright future that I believe will continue to keep Crest a vibrant community for many years to come.

John Tomlinson, Vice President -- Elected 2013

Leone and I moved to Crest Airpark in 1985 after building our house on 297th Pl. We are on taxiway Hotel, the green one! We bought our lot from Virginia Neslund after looking at numerous houses for sale and not finding something we liked. We thought we were simply moving closer to the airport to make it easier and more convenient to fly, but soon learned we were also buying into a wonderful community where we made lifelong friends. Our children were born and raised here and grew up in a great place to live. Neither of us can imagine living somewhere else. I hope that the work we do on the board in coming years will keep the airport open well past 2025 and the community viable and active. I retired from the City of Seattle as an Information Technology Manager in 2012. Leone drove school bus for the Auburn School District and retired in 2011. Our focus now is on our grandkids and our community. In addition to being on the current FAHA board, I am the secretary and past president of the Puget Sound Antique Airplane Club. I was also a board member when we exercised the right to extend the easement to 2025.

Janet Gundlach, Treasurer

I moved to Crest in 1977. My late husband, Ron, came to Crest in 1969. I have been the Board Treasurer since 1998. I have been involved in FAHA board activities for many years but sometimes took a break. I have my SEL&S. I received my private license at Gray Field, Fort Lewis. My dad and brother both had their licenses. They rebuilt several airplanes and Ron and I rebuilt several airplanes. Also, for those who have been here a while, we built a 36 ft cutter in side yard, a 62 ft ketch in the back yard and a 27ft power boat. I enjoy building items, gardening, quilting and my vintage cars.

Andy Karmy, Board Member -- Elected 2017

Hi Everyone, I’m a relatively new member of your community. My wife Debbie and I arrived at Crest last summer when we bought the Crane’s house. Located at the end of Taxiway C and 292nd. I could not be more thrilled to live here at Crest and be part of the community. I learned to fly in High School at age 17 and have been flying in the Northwest for fun ever since. I have a Cessna 172 that I adopted from my Dad and a RV-8 that I built (my 4th homebuilt to date). I look forward to serving the community and helping out where I can.

Anum Ahmed, Board Member -- Elected 2021

Although new to this area and the world of flying, I could not be happier living in this community with such wonderful neighbors. I grew up in Washington, obtaining my JD and MBA from Seattle University. Although the world of commercial contracts in the biotech space is vastly different than real estate, I look forward to contributing my expertise to the board. My husband Shahzad is currently working towards his pilot’s license and even though I had said I could never do it; I find myself inching closer to getting in the left seat of the Yellow Luscombe. As we settle our roots in this community, I look forward to being more involved, especially with the upcoming purchase of the airport.

There has been a lot of information to digest in this series of emails. Further details will be available tomorrow at the Annual Meeting. As always and as a reminder, all members are welcome to join us in any of our Board meetings. Just let me know.

Keven Mayes, Board Member -- Elected 2021

Rex MacLean, Board Member -- Elected 2018

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I began my aviation career with the FAA in 1976 after serving in the Navy as an Air Controlman (AC) during the Vietnam war. I was in the FAAs last two-year college ATC training program at San Diego Mesa Junior College with a Gillespie Tower posting. While a “Weekend Warrior” in the USNR, I hired into the FAA as a Flight Service Specialist at Daggett Radio, subsequently transferring to Oakland Radio, Redding ATCT, Sacramento Metro ATCT, Stockton ATCT/TRACON, Edwards/R2508 RAPCON, Headquarters Military Operations/Procedures, Andrews AFB ATCT/TRACON, Napa County ATCT, NAS Fallon ATREP (Northern California, Norther Nevada, Southern Oregon, and Idaho), finally landing at Western Service Centers Operations Support Group as an Operations Support Specialist, then South Airspace/Procedures Team Manager, and recently returned to my Operations Support Specialist position as the Western Desert District Specialist. Counting my Navy time as an AC, August 16th was my 45th anniversary as an Air Traffic Controller. I’m a pilot and aircraft owner with a Moravan Zlin 526M Trenor Master, and a Beechcraft B23 Musketeer Custom III based in Fallon, Nevada. My second favorite form of transportation is via motorcycles and bicyles. I’m the father of four (two adopted), grandfather of nine, and widowed. I have two Havaneros (the bold spicy herding dog evolution of a Havanese) infamous for herding chickens and cats. And, a tortoiseshell queen that considers me “her staff.”

Mark Owens, Board Member -- Elected 2017

I moved to Crest in May of 2012 (Taxiway B), bringing with me a half completed GLASAIR 2 project. I had always wanted to fly and the opportunity to live on the airport was a real treat. I began flight lessons in 2017 and earned a private pilot certificate in 2019 and completed the GLASAIR project 1 month after getting my license. We continue to work on improving our property on crest and hope to enjoy it for many years. I retired from Sea Mar Community Health in March of 2020 and currently serve as Vice President of EAA chapter 441 which meets the 4th Thursday of each month at the Nason hangar on taxiway F at 7pm.

Jo Wiggum, Board Member -- Elected 2020

My family and I moved to Crest in 2019, though we’ve been fans and familiars of the runway for many years. Some of you may remember my Husband, Anders, as a very young man mowing the grass, patching the road, and waxing airplanes in his late teens while earning his pilots license. I started flying in 2010 with the US Air Force as a Navigator and earned my private pilots license in 2017 followed by an instrument rating in 2018. Currently, I work in cloud security as a Technical Program Manager to support our family flying habit. We own the red Mooney, occasionally observed getting a Chinese fire drill at the end of the runway, as Anders and I negotiate for left seat. Though, if you ask our oldest (Jax), it’s his airplane. It is a dream come true living on S36. We especially appreciate the community that comes with all of the unique, interesting, and fun neighbors.

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