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Realtors and home buyers should familiarize themselves with legal issues associated with home ownership in the Flying Acres (Crest Airpark) community. Please review the legal page for past litigation. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for a brief recap.

Crest Airpark is a great place to own a home and live the aviator lifestyle!

Crest Airpark (S36) is just two miles southeast of Covington and resides in unincorporated King County.  The airpark is surrounded by 115 lots with most having access to airport.   Virtually all homes on the airpark have a hanger and most residents are active fliers.

Most residents say they have never lived in a place where they know so many of their neighbors.



Today, Crest Airpark has an asphalt runway and 115 homes surrounding it .  Airplanes taxi from the homes to the runway.  Fuel can be purchaed at the FBO.

Homeowners can walk and jog around the entire perimeter of the airport for exercise or visiting their neighbors.



There are several legal issues that a perspective home buyer should be aware of when considering buying a home on Crest Airpark.  These legal issues determine each property’s rights to use the airport.


FAHA Members have gone to Court twice with the owners of the airport to protect their access to the airport. These legal actions resulted in FAHA members retaining their rights to use the taxiways and runways of the airport to operate airplanes as well as walk and recreate along the perimeter of the airport until December 31, 2025 (the end date of the Nesland Easement).


Another VERY important result of the legal action is FAHA members obtaining a right to buy the airport should the owners sell the airport prior to December 31, 2024.  The airport must be sold to FAHA in 2025 if the homeowners desire to purchase it. This provides an avenue for FAHA members to secure PERMANENT access to airport and that right is carried with their property!

Not all properties on the airport are owned by members of FAHA and enjoy all these rights.  When buying property, feel free to contact FAHA to determine if the property you are buying is being sold by a member in good standing.


Please read the legal pages of this website for more information about the lawsuits.

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