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2006 Complaint: Text
2006 Complaint

In Feburary of 2006 Flying Acres Homeowners Association (known then as Crest AERO) filed a complaint for Declaratory Judgement for Perpetual Prescriptive Easement against Norm Grier to establish a prescriptive easement for walking on the taxiways of Crest Airpark.


The case was settled in Feburary of 2008 that established walking priveleges till the end of the Nesland Easement (December 31, 2025) and a purchase agreement with the Grier family to buy the Airport at the end of the Nesland Easement or if offered earlier. The purchase agreement is contingent upon FAHA accepting the appraised price. The term sheet was developed into a binding recorded agreement dated December 2, 2010.


Documented History of 2006 Case (Descending Chronological Order)

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