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Jeff Miller


I moved to Crest in 1996 (17621 SE 299th Pl, Taxiway I) with the intent of getting back involved with general aviation. A house remodel then a build out with an improved hangar and a partnership in a C-172 has gotten me flying. My wife Ellie and I have two boys both in high school and now with extra-curricular activities and soccer we are quite busy. Crest is home to me. I have always enjoyed the community of people and pilots. I cannot imagine living anywhere else and I still expect to get my homebuilt completed!

I retired from Delta Airlines summer of 2016. I currently serve on the board as your president and look forward to continuing with the board. Our future is the ownership of our airport. It is a clear and bright future that I believe will continue to keep Crest a vibrant community for many years to come.

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