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Rex MacLean - Board Member (2018)

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I began my aviation career with the FAA in 1976 after serving in the Navy as an Air Controlman (AC) during the Vietnam war. I was in the FAAs last two-year college ATC training program at San Diego Mesa Junior College with a Gillespie Tower posting. While a “Weekend Warrior” in the USNR, I hired into the FAA as a Flight Service Specialist at Daggett Radio, subsequently transferring to Oakland Radio, Redding ATCT, Sacramento Metro ATCT, Stockton ATCT/TRACON, Edwards/R2508 RAPCON, Headquarters Military Operations/Procedures, Andrews AFB ATCT/TRACON, Napa County ATCT, NAS Fallon ATREP (Northern California, Norther Nevada, Southern Oregon, and Idaho), finally landing at Western Service Centers Operations Support Group as an Operations Support Specialist, then South Airspace/Procedures Team Manager, and recently returned to my Operations Support Specialist position as the Western Desert District Specialist. Counting my Navy time as an AC, August 16th was my 45th anniversary as an Air Traffic Controller. I’m a pilot and aircraft owner with a Moravan Zlin 526M Trenor Master, and a Beechcraft B23 Musketeer Custom III based in Fallon, Nevada. My second favorite form of transportation is via motorcycles and bicyles. I’m the father of four (two adopted), grandfather of nine, and widowed. I have two Havaneros (the bold spicy herding dog evolution of a Havanese) infamous for herding chickens and cats. And, a tortoiseshell queen that considers me “her staff.”

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