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November 9, 2020 – Board Meeting

FAHA Board Meeting                         November 9, 2020

10 in attendance through Zoom (hosted by Andy Karmy)

Board Members present:

Jeff Miller (2012), President                   Telephone 253-639-1915

John Tomlinson (2013), VP

Jo Wiggum (2020), Secretary

Janet Gundlach (even year), Treasurer

Mike Werner (2018)

Andy Karmy (2017)

Keith Hendrickson ((2017)

Mark Owens (2017)

Rex MacLean (2018)


Anders Wiggum

Meeting commenced at 7:00 pm.

Approval of previous minutes: Janet made motion to approve as printed, Keith seconded.

Election of officers: Jeff voted in to continue as President, JT voted in to continue as VP, and Janet voted in to continue as treasurer. Jo Shaw was newly elected in as Secretary as Robbi Broussard retired from the Board. Rex made the motion to accept the officer positions, and JT seconded the motion. The motion passed with no objections.

History item: Norm Grier when he built his house had no previous easement access from 303rd St. He built his house on the south hill with a 9 acre tract carved off of the airport acreage. At the time, Noel Keefer and John Dinnis gave Norm Grier access without community approval.

Items of issue: A car has been accessing the airport East road from the one of the properties with driveways to Thomas Road (the former Winkle property).  There is a gate along this dirt road but it has been open. Jo and Anders have volunteered to talk with Rikki about this problem.

Jeff Miller has spoken with Doug Miller of Spanaflight, Puyallup. Doug is the new owner of Spanaflight and is creating a business relationship with Crest Aero, Inc. This looks to bring a healthy increase to local aircraft rental as well as students to Rikki’s flight school. New signage may become apparent at the Crest office and off of Covington Way. Jo will do some research also.

Questions: Jo brought up a conversation with a home owner new to the airport. There was interest by this home owner in going forward to airport ownership with a 501c3 incorporation. This led to discussion about how and why we have chosen the form of our incorporation as an LLC.

Janet stated from her experience with her car club 501c3, this tax form is intended to support charities, and any money made must be given away to other charitable organizations. The IRS is very strict regarding 501c3 & c7. Her car club lost 2 IRS hearings due to money issues. Janet’s opinion, this would not be a good fit for Crest Airpark.

Mark Owens reviewed the history of the Boards decision making regarding choice of incorporation. Both CPAs and Lawyers have recommended an LLC as the preferred form of incorporation for ownership of the airport.

John Tomlinson mentioned we should have a meeting with all the new people on the airport to answer questions about airport acquisition and some history.

Jo stated that the new people mainly want to be assured we are going to be an airport.

Appraisal: Jeff mentioned that we may do well to get a tentative airport appraisal now. He will follow up with an informational contact with Murray Brackett, an FAI appraiser. Discussion followed regarding

airport valuation. The cost of an appraisal now would have to be duplicated at the time of the airport purchase. This may be a financial burden that would best be put off to a later date. Mark Owen suggested that we go ahead with appraisal but need to know fee in advance. Mike said we would need to budget for this expense. John Tomlinson considers this an important confirmation of the PPM assumptions.

PPM: John Tomlinson and the Documents Committee reiterated that all aspects of purchasing airport be presented through this document. Board review of the PPM draft document will be the subject of our next board meeting. General review of the document followed.

Property values: Rex mentioned keeping airport would maintain our property values. Mike W. said airport makes our values higher.

Dues: Our present dues are low at $40.00 per year. We do not want a war chest but we need to consider an increase. In January Janet will send out FAHA billings included with an informational letter to the membership. Discussion was tabled for next board meeting.

Environmental issue: Rex expressed concern regarding possible environmental contamination at the hangars occupied by Glen Peterson’s maintenance operation. There were also questions regarding possible contaminants being spilled in hangars in the past. Are old full tanks still in ground? (probably not).

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 pm. Keith made the motion, Mike seconded.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Janet Gundlach

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