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June 4, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order at 7:08 by Jeff Miller.

The minutes of the last Board meeting on April 29, 2019, were included as an attachment to the email reminder for tonight’s meeting.  Regarding the information on Surface Water Management, Rex MacLean corrected that “return call” should read “return response”.  A motion to approve the previous minutes was made and accepted.


Proposed by:      John Tomlinson Seconded by:     Mike Warner Motion made:    To accept the minutes of April 29, 2019 Board meeting, as corrected. Approved:           Yes, unanimous

Treasurers Report:  Janet reported a balance of $27,123.55, having just received three more checks for homeowner dues.

Surface Water Management:  Jeff Miller has been in contact with the management at the Auburn Airport concerning their SWM fees, and in addition has been in contact with home owner president, Gordon Gibler of the Fall City Airport.  Auburn airport was determined to not have any Surface Water Management fees. Even though located in King County, as a municipal airport they do not have this category of fees. The Fall City Airport has experienced a similar extreme increase in Surface Water Management fees. Gordon Gibler has been in contact with the county bureaucrats that adjudicate these fees and was told SWM fees will be increasing by 20% in the next two years.  Gordon is also attempting meetings with the County Commissioners and will include us in any meetings.

Documents Committee: The latest revisions of the Association Agreement was included in the meeting reminder.  Having met the week previous, the committee had two main concerns in the latest Ledger Square documents:

  1. How to handle properties that are not included in the Homeowners Association, i.e. Norm’s property.

  2. When the airport comes up for sale, how to proceed.

The Board agreed annual special assessments in excess of$10,000 will require 60% homeowner approval.  The Board also felt that putting the dollar amount on a “per lot owner” would make it easier for homeowners to accept.

John Tomlinson originated a “max” purchase price schedule to use when presenting the commitment letters:  The County Appraised Value plus 10%, then divided by 80 (the projected number of committed homeowners), then increased to the nearest $5,000.  Since the appraised value will certainly increase each year, he also showed the future commitment price through the year 2025, using a 3% inflation rate.YearCommitment2020$35,000.002021$36,050.002022$37,132.002923$38,246.002024$39,393.002025$40,575.00

How will FAHA handle late-comers?  The Board would like all residents to be included in the airport purchase.  Any additional fees beyond the equal share price of ownership for late buy-in homes will be up to the Board sitting at that time.

How to handle Non-Participants who access the airport?  Again, this is something that a future Board will have to determine, however, it was suggested that a $100 landing fees could be issued.  It was suggested to add to the documents:  “Airport operations by non-participants will be managed by the Board”.

Normandy Aircraft Picnic:  John needs help moving tables for the picnic at the office this Saturday, June 8th.  Several board members volunteered.

Sale of Property Pending:  A former resident of Crest Airport (Chad and Julie Jordeson) have put an offer on the vacant lot on 301st.  There are issues with septic viability.


Proposed by:      John Tomlinson Seconded by:     Keith Hendrickson Motion made:    To adjourn Approved by:     Yes, unanimous

Respectfully submitted, Robbi Broussard


11 in attendance at Broussard’s Home

Board Members present: Jeff Miller (2012), President         Telephone 253-639-1915 John Tomlinson (2013), VP Janet Gundlach (even year), Treasurer Robbi Broussard (2012), Secretary Andy Karmy (2017) Mark Owen (2017) Mike Warner (2018) Rex MacLean (2018) Keith Hendrickson (2017)

Guests: Dick Broussard Leone Tomlinson

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