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June 15, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order at 7:10 by Jeff Miller, via Zoom, hosted by Andy Karmy.

Motion Proposed by:     Janet Gundlach Seconded by:     John Tomlinson Motion made:   To accept the minutes of May 4, 2020. Approved:          Yes, unanimous

Treasurers Report:  Janet reported that she has received a few more Homeowner dues, leaving outstanding dues from Rismon, Gregory, Mermis, and Skaggs.

FAHA Happenings:  New Additions to the Flying Acres Community:  Keith and Susan Reichow are renting out their house on Taxiway A.  Maureen Fallon and Jay Larrivee are new to Crest on Taxiway C and both are pilots.  Several homes are/will be up for sale.  McGahan’s house is currently listed for sale.  Future homes for sale include Bartletts, Bailey’s, Smithhart’s, Lee’s (maybe in 2024), and Poschwatta’s.  It was suggested that Andrea Chay and Theresa White start talking up Crest with the 99’s to encourage aviation friendly new neighbors when homes go on the market. Dan Cullman has purchased the lot from Jay Jones on taxiway J.

On June 10th, John Tomlinson and Mike Werner had an informational virtual meeting with the general manager of the Auburn Airport, Tim Mensonides.  The purpose of the meeting was to explore and report out areas of airport maintenance and other considerations from a professional airport manager. Notes from that meeting were emailed (6/15/2020) to Board members prior to tonight’s meeting and are included in these minutes.  John and Mike had asked Tim for a review of our documents and any suggestions regarding airport operations he might have for us.

Insurance:  It appears that the estimate John previously got from Brad Hernke is in the ballpark, being around $7500 annually, plus an additional $800 for fuel tank insurance.

Bookkeeping:  Auburn spends about 8 hrs/week to deal with rentals (they have a lot more transient rentals).  We might spend ¼ the time, so maybe 2 hrs/week would be sufficient.  So maybe 8 hrs/week for rentals, gas, and reporting.  Incidentally, Auburn has 90+ people on the wait list for hangars.

Grounds maintenance:  John got quotes for maintenance 3 times/year:  $7500 for mowing and $2000 for spraying.  Runway maintenance can be expensive but worth the investment.  If you spend $1, you can save $7 that it will cost to replace.  From the State’s perspective, when it is beyond repair, it means a huge liability.  First it must be ground down, then a new bed layed, then finish asphalt and paint. Bill Juranich has suggested that it is in the homeowners interest to reseal the runway at our own expense, even if Rikki  will not pay her half, so as to avoid the larger expense of replacement  Auburn budgets $25,000 for crack sealing (They have a contract in place for $16,000 to seal 10,000 lineal feet of cracks).  Washington State has funds available to some airports…can we get some if we pitch for emergency services? (Since we provide some emergency services.)

Tim Mensonides stated their profit on gas is $1.10 per gallon.  During March-May, Crest averaged 1500 gallons/pump/month.  The gas tanks at Crest used to be underground.  Sometime between 1993-1996 they were moved above ground in the same spot.

Tim volunteered Auburn Airport surplus lighting equipment to other airports but found home for only some of them. He is always trying to find a way to utilize surplus equipment elsewhere and would gladly share it with us if we successfully buy the airport.

Along with the other documents, the committee is working on an Airport evaluation to present to the homeowners a range of operational scenarios.

Motion Proposed by:     Keith Hendrickson Seconded by:     Mike Werner Motion made:   To adjourn at 8:56 Approved:          Yes

Respectfully submitted,

Robbi Broussard


8 in attendance through Zoom (hosted by Andy Karmy)

Board Members present:

  1. Jeff Miller (2012), President                        Telephone 253-639-1915

  2. John Tomlinson (2013), VP

  3. Robbi Broussard (2012), Secretary

  4. Mike Werner (2018)

  5. Andy Karmy (2017)

  6. Janet Gundlach (even year)

  7. Keith Hendrickson ((2017)

  8. Board Members Absent:

  9. Mark Owens (2017)

  10. Rex MacLean (2018)

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