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Jo Wiggum - Board Member 2020

My family and I moved to Crest in 2019, though we’ve been fans and familiars of the runway for many years. Some of you may remember my Husband, Anders, as a very young man mowing the grass, patching the road, and waxing airplanes in his late teens while earning his pilots license. I started flying in 2010 with the US Air Force as a Navigator and earned my private pilots license in 2017 followed by an instrument rating in 2018. Currently, I work in cloud security as a Technical Program Manager to support our family flying habit. We own the red Mooney, occasionally observed getting a Chinese fire drill at the end of the runway, as Anders and I negotiate for left seat. Though, if you ask our oldest (Jax), it’s his airplane. It is a dream come true living on S36. We especially appreciate the community that comes with all of the unique, interesting, and fun neighbors.

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