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December 11, 2017 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Jeff Miller at 7:15. (See attendance at the bottom.)

Minutes from the last board meeting on October 9th, along with “Objectives and Tasks 2017 thru 2018”, and a copy of email sent to Pat Hanis (November 30, 2017) had been sent out to board members for review prior to tonight’s meeting. A motion was proposed to approve the minutes.


Proposed by:      John Tomlinson Seconded by:     Keith Hendrickson Motion made:    To Approve the minutes of October 9, 2017 Approved:           Yes (unanimous)

Treasurer’s Report, Janet Gundlach:  a check in the amount of $206.25 was sent to HIP on November 8, 2017.  A billing of $902 for D&O Insurance through State Farm Insurance was discussed.  Other organizations have found this coverage invaluable in our sue-happy world.

It was suggested that Survey Monkey, an on-line survey tool, might be helpful to solicit homeowner opinions regarding the airport acquisition.  Short, focused surveys of approximately 10 questions could be helpful to inform the board as well as fellow home owners as to consensus opinions prior to crafting new Articles of Incorporation and bylaws.  More discussion is required to define goals.

Jeff Miller shared an article from the December 2017 issue of AOPA Magazine, “Simply the Best” about an airport owned and operated by a New York flying club.  Contact was made with the chief flight instructor/manager (and sole employee) and their treasurer.  The interest is in the similar business model including hangar rentals and gas sales.  The difference is its ownership by the flying club. Further contact could be useful to consider best practices ( )

Jeff Miller proposed that we shift our perspective to encourage members to think in terms of being ready to buy the airport in 2025 (emphasis on 2025).   John Tomlinson disagrees with this change in tack, citing that it is time consuming, and that we have two tasks: 1) organization and 2) funding. A discussion followed about establishing savings accounts to encourage a disciplined savings plan for members. John Tomlinson said we would be better served with an escrow account with underlying contracts to control the funds, not a savings account.  The idea of helping members with saving plans was dropped.

Janet reminded us that a newsletter will need to go out to homeowners in January.  The Board will need to decide what figure would be appropriate for FAHA dues and assessment, considering the legal expenses that will certainly be forthcoming.  The favored suggestion: $40 dues (no change) and a $60 assessment.  The discussion was tabled for review next meeting.

John Tomlinson and Andy Karmy have been working on updating the FAHA website.  They scrolled through each page, eliciting comments and suggestions for improvement:

  1. Move the By-Laws from page 1 to a separate page (maybe named “Legal”).

  2. The map of the Crest property takes up too much room.  Maybe have it on the first page only.

  3. Include phone numbers for all FAHA Board members.

  4. Include a list of past FAHA Board members.

  5. Add the Treasurer’s report.

  6. Add a Bulletin Board where homeowners can post notices, i.e. “house for Sale”.

  7. Have rolling photos on the home page.

  8. Have the map in a pull-down tab.

  9. Have the website “Mobile Friendly”, which could be useful for realtors (and folks under 40).

Andy showed an example of the website for Mount Rainier Chapter 326 EAA, which also contains a blog of articles written by members. Both Andy and John recommend moving to DreamHost (away from GoDaddy) as a host for ease of use and cost both.


Proposed by:      Keith Hendrickson Seconded by:     Janet Gundlach Motion made:    To switch FAHA web hosting from GoDaddy to DreamHost (using Andy Karmy’s Approved:           Yes (unanimous)

Old business:  Doug Matuska is waiting on Rikki to supply the diameter dimension (18” or 24”) before ordering a personalized windsock.  Also, not sure how we might install the windsock lacking a boom truck.

A tentative date has been set for the Next FAHA Board meeting:  January 15th at 7:00.


Proposed by:      Keith Hendrickson Seconded by:     Andy Karmy Motion made:    To Adjourn the meeting Approved:           Yes (unanimous)

Respectfully submitted, Robbi Broussard


10 in Attendance at Broussard’s HomeBoard Members present:Guests:Jeff Miller (2012), PresidentJohn Tomlinson (2013), VPLeone TomlinsonRobbi Broussard (2012), SecretaryDick BroussardJanet Gundlach (even year), TreasurerDoug Matuska (2012)Keith Hendrickson (2017)Andy Karmy (2017)Keith Littlefield (2012)Board Members Absent: Drew Anderson (2015)

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