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2006 Complaint: Text
2001 Complaint

On December 11, 1975 the Nesland Easement was granted the homeowners of Crest Airpark granting them rights to use the taxiways and runways of the airport until December 31, 2001 at which date the homeowners could extend the easement until December 31, 2025 upon agreement of 60% of the residents to pay 50% of the maintenance and taxes on the runways and taxiways of Crest Airpark.

On Dec 31, 2001 Crest AERO filed a complaint against Crest Airpark Inc. for Declaritory Action in regards to the Nesland Easements extention to 2025.  The homeowners were certified as a Class and the Declaratory Action moved forward with the amended complaint dated 10/18/2002 below.


On September 30, 2003 the Judge decided for the homeowners on a Motion for Partial Summary Judgement dated July 12, 2003 validating the rights granted the homeowners by Nesland Easement to use the airport until Decement 31, 2025.  The parties agreed to arbitrate the lawsuit’s remaining issues.


Documented History of 2001 Case (Descending Chronological Order)

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